Thursday, October 22, 2009

Keep Ultimate Alive in Columbus!

The following call to arms was emailed to all Columbus Ultimate players, but we're re-posting it in case anyone missed it (spam filters, etc.). Please read and help out if you can!
When CUDA was founded, it was a small organization of dedicated volunteers who primarily provided Summer League. It has grown to provide Spring League, 2 Summer Leagues, Fall Hat Tournaments, Winter League, and has formed a partnership with Andy 24. CUDA (a state-registered non-profit) now handles nearly $30,000 annually but still relies on an ever-decreasing pool of willing volunteers who spend an astounding amount of their own time to help the entire community.

We are in dire need of help. You are a part of the community and we need you to step up and commit some time to CUDA events. We need you to serve on the Planning Committee, help plan leagues, recruit players, write articles for the website or contact sponsors. We need you to captain teams, teach clinics, pick up t-shirts and discs, crunch numbers on spreadsheets, help prepare reports or help plan our future. We need you to give a little of your time to help support this organization that provides so much.

CUDA has grown exponentially in recent years in response to the demand for leagues and events and we have received the support of some new faces in our pool of volunteers, but we reply predominantly on about 3% of our nearly 400 members.

If you're wondering what you get in return for your efforts, we reward our volunteers with gifts and a party. We don't pay people for their efforts- I know it looks like we make enough money to pay people, but all of our income goes to providing ultimate.

So if being able to play ultimate is important to you or if you have something so say or if you'd like to see changes, now is the time to step up. Please help us continue to grow ultimate in Columbus and provide high-quality leagues and events.

Come to the next CUDA meeting to get started: Tuesday 10/27 at the King Ave Five at 7:00 PM.
If you can't make it to the meeting but you'd like to attend, please drop an email to and we'll talk to you about what you would like to do to help out.

The King Avenue Five is at 945 King Ave. in Grandview.

Thanks for your time
Matt Barlow

Please send email corrections/updates to the account.