Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring League Kickoff!

Spring League started this past Saturday at Como Park, kicking off the outdoors Ultimate season in Columbus. The weather held up and teams came early for a new tradition - Saturday brunch. Every week a different team will be responsible for supplying bagels, fruit and a special Ultimate brunch item (this week it was Bloody Marys). The idea is to get more people out on a regular basis, since the spring weather sometimes leads to anemic turnout.

For what was the first game of the year for many, play was actually pretty decent. I saw some layout Ds and some great backhand hucks, although the wind and winter rust played havoc on quite a few forehands. Both match-ups yielded tight, split games so the parity seems to be excellent this year.

As the weather continues to trend upwards, we'll also try to get Sunday pick-up back online, so everyone who wants can get into running shape for the upcoming Summer League season.