Friday, July 10, 2009

Pick-Up Rises From the Ashes

I'm pleased to announce that pick-up is again a viable option for those in Columbus wishing to play a relaxed game of Ultimate outside of our many leagues and club teams. Join our Twitter Feed to get reminders and weather updates on weekly pick-up. Here are your options:

Sunday, Park of Roses - The CUDA pick-up game is finally getting good again, with 6s and 7s a dependable expectation. Numbers the last two weeks were low due to tournaments and Independence Day, but even then we've seen a handful of new players join the fray. Add back the regulars and this should be a great game moving forward. Park of Roses, Sunday, meet at 3:15 in the back of the park.

Wednesday, Academy Park - This is a newer game I haven't been to, but Adam Shea from the Monday League says they've been consistently playing from 8:00 until dark every week. Obviously Wednesday leaguers can't play, but this is a good option for any Monday players or area people new to Ultimate. Academy Park on Morse Road, Wednesday, meet at 8:00.

Wednesday, Park of Roses - There's actually a pick-up game going on the last few weeks by the softball fields at the Park of Roses during league play. It's a group of 8-10 men and women, and they say they come every week at 7:00 to play. This is another great Monday/beginner player option, and perhaps something that should combine with Academy Park, since they are near each other. Park of Roses Softball Fields, Wednesday meet at 7:00 PM.

Email or comment with any questions or other games you know of around Columbus.


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