Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ultimate in the News

Two more articles graced my inbox this morning that I want to share. The first is a great piece on women's Ultimate in the The New York Times' Fashion & Style section. Why is Ultimate in the Fashion & Style section? Because we're hip and cool, that's why. We're the William Shatner of the sports world.
Photo by Andrew Davis

"And the rise of women in Ultimate is another crucial part of the sport’s growth. Watching these women play, one can see the athleticism that has attracted them: gorgeous arcing throws, full-extension dives, insane vertical leaps, and discs pinched out of the sky with the barest of fingertips."

Next is a heartwrenching story of youth Ultimate in the inner-city, which I didn't actually read yet. Give me a break, I'm busy at work and feeling a little sick today. Whoever it was that told me Egg McMuffins were surprisingly nutritional deserves a sharp kick to the fruitstand.

Photo By Jim Bates

"Mr. Jamshid is what the kids of Bailey Gatzert Elementary call the school's guidance counselor. In 15 years, Jamshid Khajavi, who came here from Iran, has built one of Seattle's poorest inner-city schools into the quirkiest of sports dynasties. All as a way of mentoring kids."


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