Monday, April 20, 2009

Mixed Club Ultimate Reboots in Columbus

Mixed Ultimate is growing across the country, and in Columbus its no different. Right now there's a core group, led by Natalie Heil, looking to raise a new mixed team from the ashes of last year's Zatfig group and begin the trip to Nationals.

Anybody whose played summer league is familiar with mixed Ultimate. Playing with both men and women can bring on challenges of meshing together varying athletic and physical abilities, but the chemistry of a good mixed team can be unrivaled. It's a unique way to play and takes a different mindset than on an open or women's teams, but the rewards are tremendous.

In years past, Columbus' club mixed teams have had trouble keeping a core group together willing to put in the work for a Nationals appearance. This year the goals are clear, and players willing to commit are already coming out in strong numbers. Several planning meetings have already plotted out some key dates and tournaments for the summer. Right now everyone interested in playing is knocking off the winter rust with pick-up play on Tuesdays night at Como Park. The last two weeks have drawn great numbers despite terrible weather, and play has been refreshingly competitive for April.

If you're interested in mixed Ultimate this year, or even if you just want to play some pick-up, then get over to Como Park tomorrow and every Tuesday at 6:00 PM. We'll be gelling together a few more weeks until May 16th and 23rd, when weekend tryouts will be held to settle a final roster. If you have any questions, come on out to play or email Natalie at


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